Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Yes, I know I was all excited naming this blog "femminello" in my first post after my favourite food item which happened to be lemon and it is still my favourite. 

But like I mentioned in my earlier post, my imagination skills are rather limited and the name "femminello" failed to inspire me. I thought I would get the hang of it and end up liking it. Sadly, I didn't and that's why I've decided to rename it to "DELECTABLE CUISINE". I can't really argue with you that the new name for this blog is a marvelous and brilliant one, but it is a name/title nonetheless and it aptly describes the contents of this blog which is FOOD!

Another factor that urged me to rename this blog is that "femminello" doesn't exactly roll of one's tongue easily. Then I thought I better ditch the idea of using some fancy schmany name for this blog and chose a more realistic name which adequately and precisely describes the nature of this blog.

As the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover", lets not worry too much about the name/title of this blog as long as the content is good. To ensure that the quality of the content of this blog is up to par, I will try my very best to frequently update it with posts which may and hopefully pique your interest.

Till then cheers and hope you guys enjoy reading my previous and upcoming posts! 

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