Monday, 22 April 2013

Honey Lemon Fish

Since I baked the lemon cake last weekend, I had a few leftover lemons and wanted to us them up. So, I decided to make some honey lemon fish with the fish fillets which has been sitting in my freezer for a couple of weeks.

This recipe is very much similar to the lemon chicken which you usually get at Chinese restaurants, but instead of chicken I used fish and also piled on the ginger. That said, frankly, this recipe is a little time consuming, but it is worth the time and effort and it turned out really yummy!

The sauce for this dish requires finely shredded lemon rind. The way I do it is first I peel off the rind in strips using a vegetable peeler and then cut it into thin strips.

finely shredded lemon rind

Make sure to combine the ingredients required for the sauce and keep it aside before frying the fish fillets. This is to ensure that the fried fish fillet does not get soggy and stays crispy.

combined sauce ingredients

coat fish fillet with the beaten egg

then coat it with rice flour
After coating with the beaten egg and rice flour, shallow fry the fish fillets in a pan until golden brown

shallow fry coated fish fillets in a pan
Remove excess oil from fried fish fillets using kitchen roll and keep it aside.

Crispy fried fish fillets

Heat up the sauce mixture stir in the cornstarch.

heating up the sauce mixture
Once the sauce mixture reaches desired consistency, toss in the fried fish fillet and evenly coat it with the thickened sauce.

yummy honey lemon fish



2 dory fish fillets (approx. 300g)
3 tbsp rice flour
1 egg (beaten)
Oil for frying

For Sauce:

4 tbsp lemon juice (more if desired)
1 tbsp finely shredded lemon rind (1 medium lemon)
1 tbsp grated ginger (less if not a fan of ginger)
3 tsp light soy sauce
2 tsp sweet thai chilli sauce
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp water
1 tsp cornflour/cornstartch


1) Combine sauce ingredients except cornflour in a bowl and keep aside.
2) Mix cornflour with about 1 tbsp of water and keep aside.
3) Cut fish fillets into desired size.
4) Heat oil in a pan.
5) Coat fillets with beaten egg first and then with rice flour. If you don't have rice flour, plain flour or cornflour will do.
5) Once the oil in the pan is hot enough, shallow fry the coated fish fillets.
6) Remove fillets from oil once they turn golden brown and place them on kitchen roll to remove excess oil.
7) Heat up combined sauce ingredients and add in the mixed cornflour. Stir until desired consistency.
8) Toss in fried fish fillets and coat evenly.

I added quite a bit of ginger in this recipe since I love ginger in my cooking. But those who don't like very strong ginger flavour in their food, may reduce the amount used by half. You can even substitute the fish for chicken. 

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