Friday, 24 April 2015


Hello everyone! I am finally back from my extremely long hiatus, 574 days to be exact, from by previous post(just assuming that someone actually noticed that I was MIA was that long a period!). 

For the past 574 days I got so caught up with work and my tiny little blog suffered in consequence. I thought that in order to give my 100% at work, I had to sacrifice my two very most favourite hobbies, which are cooking and blogging about my cooking adventures. Oh boy! I was so wrong and I cannot believe that I talked myself into it. 

I did miss blogging very much. I still cooked but it wasn't very exciting given that I longer write about it. Finally, I quit making excuses and decided that if I really wanted to write I could make time no matter what. So, here I am after all these time.

That is all for now. Here have a cupcake :) (recipe coming soon).

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