Thursday, 27 June 2013

Onion Fritters (Cucur Bawang)

This is an extremely simple recipe and you can whip up a batch of these fritters in no time for a savoury and tasty tea time snack.

When I make fritters I usually use a combination of plain/self raising flour and whole wheat/atta flour. For these onion fritters I used equal amount of self raising flour and atta flour. To that flour mixture I add the sliced onion and some salt and gave it a good mix.

Add some water to make a batter. Make sure the batter is not too runny. If you have accidentally added more water, just add extra flour to make the batter thick again.

Heat some oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot, spoon in about 1 tbsp of the batter into the hot oil. Be sure not to over crowd the pan. Spoon in only about 3-4 fritters at a time. Fry the fritters for about a minute and flip it to the other side. 

Once the fritters have turned golden brown on both sides, remove from the pan and place it on kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil. Serve hot with ketchup or chilli sauce.

2 red onion, sliced
1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup atta flour
Salt to taste
3/4-1 cup water
1 cup oil, to fry

1) In a bowl, combine the two types of flour, sliced anions and salt.
2) Add the water bit by bit to make a thick batter.
3) Heat the oil in a pan, in medium low heat.
4) Once the oil in the pan is hot, spoon in about 1 tbsp of the batter in to the hot oil. Repeat this to make a few more fritters at a time.
5) Fry the fritters for 1 minutes. Flip the fritters to the other side and continue to fry for another 1 minute, or till golden brown.
6) Once the fritters turn golden brown, remove from oil and place the fritter on kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil.
7) Serve hot with ketchup or chilli sauce.

1) The self raising flour can be replaced with plain or all purpose flour. If this is done, add 1/2 tsp of baking powder.
2) The atta flour can be replaced with whole wheat flour. If you can't find atta or whole wheat flour, you need not use a combination of flours. You can just use self raising/plain/all purpose flour.
4) Make sure to add the water in small amounts so that you don't end up with a runny batter. If you added too much of water, just add a bit more flour to make the batter thick again.
5) Make sure the oil is hot enough before you fry the fritters so that your fritter does not absorb excess oil and becomes soggy.
6) Make only about 4 fritter at a time and do not overcrowd the pan.
   *This recipe yields 16-20 fritters.

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